About McClure & Carroll

Jay Y. McClure

Jay Y. McClure has been a member of the Georgia Bar since 1975. Mr. McClure was graduated from Emory University School of Law with a Jurist Doctor degree in 1975. Mr. McClure attended the University of Texas for post graduate work, and was graduated from Texas Wesleyan University in 1971 with a B.B.A. degree. Mr. McClure is married to his law partner, Kathie G. McClure, and he and Kathie have two children. Mr. McClure holds a Commercial Pilot Certificate with Airplane Single and Multi-engine Land and Instrument Airplane, and Private Privileges of Airplane Single Engine Sea ratings.

Kathie G. McClure

Kathie G. McClure has been a member of the Georgia Bar since 1979, specializing in civil commercial and tort litigation. Mrs. McClure was awarded a Jurist Doctor degree in 1979 by Emory University School of Law where she served on the Editorial Board of the Emory Law Journal. Mrs. McClure attended University of the South where she was awarded a B.A. degree, magna cum laude, in 1976. Shortly after graduation from law school, Mrs. McClure served as an Assistant United States Attorney for the Northern District of Georgia in the civil litigation section. With periodic sabbaticals devoted to raising children, Mrs. McClure has practiced law with her husband, Jay Y. McClure, since 1983. Mrs. McClure holds a Private Pilot Certificate with Airplane Single Engine Land and Instrument Airplane ratings.

John A. Carroll, Jr.

John A. Carroll, Jr. has spent over 30,000+ hours flying during his career. Mr. Carroll graduated from Auburn University in 1969 with his B.S. in Aviation Management. He has served as a Pilot/instructor for many different companies and is certified in single engine, multi-engine, and instrument airplanes with current instructor ratings. Mr. Carroll exudes vast knowledge in airplane mechanics, airframe and power plants both turbine and piston with inspection authorization. He retired as a Captain from a major airline and since that time has also retired as a Lear Jet Instructor from a major flight training organization and from the FAA where he was a Principal Operations Inspector in General Aviation and a Program Manager for the FAA FAASTeam. He has over forty five years experience in the aviation industry. In his free time Mr. Carroll enjoys restoring and operating antique and classic airplanes, automobiles and motorcycles.